Holiday, Mother's DayOur playground is our most fun and important classroom. Young children learn with their whole bodies because learning at such a young age happens best when all senses are involved.

Because our playground has many trees and a veritable wilderness right beyond our fence (we like to call it the jungle but it’s just part of the slough) we were not able to put large plastic playground structures up and instead we had to work with what nature gave us. So we  just added a few things, like a tire swing, a jungle gym, a train climber, a sandbox and a picnic table that’s used for a lot more than just picnics.

Playground wilderness 2We have seen wild turkeys walk across the parking lot, in the spring time we see the thicket teeming with baby bunnies, we have a pair of red tail hawks nesting nearby.
We regularly hear and observe wood peckers and humming birds. Last year we were able to watch  a Northern great horned owl and a Screech Owl that were nesting somewhere in the thicket.

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Playground 9Our park-like playground has provided countless opportunities for the children to learn about nature and our environment.

It has everything a young child needs: Trees for climbing, dirt for digging, and a dog named Luci to play fetch.

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Playground 4

With old tires and thick ropes our kids can easily participate in how their play environment is shaped and it changes almost every day. One day the tires are motorcycles, the next day a space ship in the morning and something to sell ice cream from in the afternoon. The children’s limitless imagination and the proximity to the slough make going out to our playground seem like an adventure every day.