Most parents, who visit different child care centers, remember us as “the day care with the dog”. That would be Luci. She’s a Golden Retriever – Black Lab mix and has been working here since she was a puppy. Her main job is to entertain the kids and she’s really good at it.

Luci 3

Still, every now and then Luci needs a good talking to …

Luci 7

Clean up time is much more fun when you can just hand the toys to Luci and she puts them in the bag.

Luci 12

“Common, throw the ball! Please, please, please!”

Luci 13

The best thing about playing in the sun is a good shady place to take a break.

Luci 14

Rest time or Nap time is not so bad when we do it when Luci needs her nap.

Classroom, Nap time