Just Stories from Little Rainbow

Just Stories from Little Rainbow Day Care

One of the many reasons why working with young children is so tremendously rewarding is that every single thing you do or say is absorbed into those little minds, processed and then somehow, incredibly some conclusion is formed. The conclusion may not always be the right one but to us children’s logic is simply fascinating and many times quite funny as well.
Each day has countless opportunities to turn ordinary and every day moments into learning experiences … And not just for the children either.

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When Leah came to school really early one morning this week she told teacher Martha that, “there is something very wrong with the sky today!” Martha looked out of the window at the sky and asked, “What’s wrong with the sky?” Leah said, “the sun and the moon are in it at the same time!”

The shopping center where our child care center is located is also the home of Castroville Center Animal Hospital and one day the veterinarian’s assistant was walking a dog with a rather large cone-collar. Terri told the kids, “Look at that dog.” When Chris saw it he exclaimed, “Why he looks like a lamp?”

When I came down from my office after nap time I decided to stop in the bathroom and check on the kids going potty after nap to make sure everyone was cleaning up properly and washing hands.
MacKenzie came bursting into the bathroom shouting, “Gaby, Gaby! Can I show my mom the testicles?” I was completely caught off guard, “The testicles? What testicles?” MacKenzie pointed to the shelf above the sinks where today we were displaying a jar with muddy pond water and a few tadpoles swimming in it. Relieved I told MacKenzie to go bring her mom.

We were already sitting at the table getting ready to eat lunch when I noticed Anabelle was getting ready to put her finger up into her nose when I stopped her and told her she had to go wash her hands again. Like all 4 year olds she asked, “WHY?” I said, “because you had your finger in your nose.” “Not ALL of it!” she protested.

Presley: “I’m the boss!”
Tati: “No, you’re not. Gaby’s the boss.”
Presley: ” Well, I’m the boss at my house.”
Teacher Terri: “You’re the boss? You’re too small to be the boss.”
Presley: “Well, I am the boss.”
Tati: ” No, you can’t be. My dad says you can’t be boss unless you pay the bills.”

The girls were playing hair salon and it was my turn to get my hair done. The children are always fascinated by my white hair. I think that until they touch it they expect it not to be real.
Anyway, I was getting a shampoo and then a cut and Leah was working on me. After a while Leah asked me why my hair was white and I explained to her that I was getting old. She thought about that for a while and then when she had it all figured out she informed me, “Yeah, I know. First you get old and then your hair gets white and then you die.”
Until that moment I had no idea I had such little time left.

One time when we were walking down to our playground (We have to cross our parking lot and drive way) we walked by some freshly squished dog-poop on the side of the curb that had obvious tire marks going through it. “Gaby, look! Dead dog-poop!” cried Cory.

Our Pre-KG math activity has kids earn pennies and if they are able to get to 100 I take them out to lunch. This particular time Rivers and James decided they wanted to go to Burger King.
Both ordered Cheese burger Kid’s meals and when James didn’t want his because it had ketchup on it I got him a plain one. I asked James and Rivers what I should do with the extra hamburger? James: “Sell it on e-bay.” Rivers: “Recycle it.”